The Best Frames Your Cat Needs

13 January 2024

Providing a cat with a dedicated scratching post and frame is not just a luxury but a vital aspect of their overall well-being. Cats have a natural instinct to scratch, which serves multiple purposes in their lives. Scratching helps them maintain healthy and strong claws, stretch their muscles, and mark their territory. Without an appropriate outlet for this behavior, cats may resort to scratching furniture or other undesirable surfaces. A scratching post and frame offer a designated space for your feline friend to engage in this instinctual behavior, preserving your furniture and creating a stress-free environment for both you and your cat. It is an essential accessory that promotes physical health, mental stimulation, and a harmonious coexistence between pets and their human companions.

Our Recommendations

Cat Tree Tower

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Introducing the Mocate 55” Cat Tree Tower – a delightful and sturdy feline haven designed to cater to all your cat’s needs. Crafted with a 5-layer structure, this cat tree ensures safe and enjoyable jumping and climbing for cats of all ages, providing a strong and stable play environment. The inclusion of 2 hanging toys and a crawl-through opening promotes enhanced playfulness, accommodating 2-3 cats simultaneously and keeping them engaged and active. The enclosed house offers a secure and cozy space for your feline friend to relax. Constructed using soft and plush teddy velvet material along with sturdy solid wood multi-layer boards, this cat tree prioritizes compatibility, warmth, and scratch resistance. Installation is a breeze with easy-to-follow instructions, and its vibrant array of three colors adds a playful and eye-catching touch to your home decor. With three durable scratching posts, the Mocate Cat Tree Tower not only safeguards your furniture but also satisfies your cat’s scratching needs, ensuring a long-lasting and safe surface for play and climbing.

AIWIKIDE 002G Cat Tree

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Introducing the AIWIKIDE 002G Cat Tree, a stylish and functional cat haven designed to cater to your feline friend’s instincts and playfulness. This cat tree features a Scratching Toy with a Ball Activity Centre, providing endless entertainment for your cat. The Jute-Covered Scratching Posts in a sleek grey color not only serve as a satisfying surface for scratching but also add a touch of sophistication to your home decor. With its thoughtfully designed structure, your cat can climb, scratch, and play, ensuring both physical activity and mental stimulation. Treat your furry companion to the AIWIKIDE 002G Cat Tree, where comfort meets entertainment in a beautifully crafted piece of cat furniture.

Cat Shelf with Scratching

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Introducing the Cat Shelf with Scratching Post, a wall-mounted cat tree designed to elevate your indoor cat’s living space in both style and functionality. Available in a neutral Beige and Grey color palette, this cat shelf seamlessly blends into your home decor. Crafted with care, the materials include particle board, plush, and sisal, ensuring durability and comfort. The dimensions of the platforms, scratching posts, and the cozy hammock cater to your feline friend’s needs, providing a perfect space for them to climb, scratch, and relax. Recommended for cats under 5kg, this cat shelf offers both entertainment and comfort in a compact design. Note: Installation requires pre-filling walls with expansion tubes, except for plank walls where self-tapping screws can be used directly. The choice of fittings depends on the type of wall, ensuring a secure and stable installation for your cat’s enjoyment.

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